Friday, January 11, 2008

RV'ing is STILL a Bargain ... Even with Soaring Fuel Costs!

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Is RV'ing Still Cost Effective?

With gas prices hovering around the $3.00 mark in the Southeastern United States, many people (including some seasoned campers) seem inclined to limit the use of their recreational vehicles to save a few coins. While, there is no doubt that escalating fuel prices have caused all of us to take a long look at our driving habits and their effect on our checkbook balances, much of this thinking is simply knee-jerk reaction to the changing gas station signage and the "bad" news that is constantly pouring out of the TV, radio and newspapers. some simple math, seasoned with a dose of logic and common sense can go a long way toward eliminating these unfounded fears and putting some ZING back into your life!

Let's assume for a moment that gas was still selling at $2.00 per gallon (yeah, I know it's never gonna happen but humor me!). Given that the average camping trip amounts to 120 miles (round trip) and an average fuel economy of 10 miles per gallon while towing, the total fuel cost for the trip would be $24.00. (120 miles divided by 10 mpg = 12 gallons x $2.00 = $24.00). Now, assume for a moment that gas prices go up a full dollar per gallon (yes, I know that this is exactly what just happened ... be patient ... you'll see where I'm going with this!). If you apply the same math to the round trip, (120 miles divided by 10 mpg = 12 gallons x $3.00 = $36.00) the entire round trip cost just went up a whopping $12.00! Ladies and Gentlemen ... if $12.00 keeps you out of the campground, gas prices are the least of your worries.

Finally, when one considers the cost of hotel accommodations these days vs. the daily rates at most campgrounds, it's an absolute no brainer!

Let's consider the following comparison:
Assume that one could find a decent hotel room in Myrtle Beach for say $115.00 per day in season (good luck with that one). When compared to the average daily rate of $80.00 at a resort campground, the savings become immediately apparent and significant, to the tune of about $245 for a seven-day stay. Take it a step further and stay in a State Park campground at $20 to $25 per day and we're saving enough to get our trip to the crab house for free!

The bottom line is this ... don't let the "bad news crews" from your favorite TV network rob you of the fun you can have using your camper. Their jobs, after all, dictate that they find something negative to report on. Not many people would watch the evening news if all they reported was how great things were.

Finally, when I tuck myself into the bed of my camper after a full day of enjoying the great outdoors I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the sheets are clean and that I won't wake up to any nasty little surprises like bedbug infestations or the dirt and germs that are left behind by careless tenants or an underpaid and unhappy cleaning crew. The restaurant in my RV never closes and the coffee is as fresh and delicious as I want it to be!

So go ahead and get out there and enjoy all that the RV lifestyle has to offer!

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