Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Handy Pre-Travel Checklist

Many of you use your recreational vehicles year round and others simply pack them away until the warm weather returns. In either case, I've found that the following little checklist saves me a lot of grief prior to leaving out for a glorious time in the campground! Use this to ensure that you're ready to hit the road and you'll have a lot more fun when you get to the campground instead of repairing things when you should be sipping coffee around the fire.

**NOTE**: Whenever you depart from home, gas station, rest area or campsite, take some time to carefully perform these specific checks.

Lights Off
Antenna Down
Vents, Doors, Drawers closed and secured
Refrigerator/Ice Box Secured with Travel Lock
Loose Items Stored Away or Latched Down

Tires Properly Inflated & In Good Condition
Wheel Lug Nuts Tight
Lights – Both Vehicles Brake, Turning, Headlights and Taillights Working Properly
Hoses (drain & fill) Disconnected & stored, Caps Secured
Power Cord Disconnected & Stored
Steps Stowed Away
Stabilizing Jacks Retracted
Access Doors & Hatches Closed & Locked
Propane Bottle Connections Secured & Service Valve Closed

Hitching & Coupling
Hitch Secure
Safety Chains Properly Crossed & Attached
Break-Away Switch Connector Properly Attached
Front Jack Raised
Mirrors Properly Adjusted

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