Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Good News Update!!

Good Morning All!
I have great news to share. I went to the doctor yesterday for my follow up visit and he advised me that my last scan looked great! We'll now move into the true follow up phase of scanning every 3 to 6 months but basically, the cure worked!

Which leads me to my next point. I have learned through this experience that life is much too short to waste even a minute of it. Whatever your interest, whatever your passion, pursue it with all due vigor and make the most of every minute you have on God's beautiful earth! If you've harbored a desire to travel, do so. If you've always wanted to experience the camping lifestyle, do it!

Live like this is the last day of your life, love like you've never done before and dance like nobody's looking! Trust me, when you've stared at the possibility of leaving here, you get a fresh perspective on what's important and what's not.

Most importantly, do all that you can while you can to let those you love know how very much you do and give thanks to the God the Creator EVERY DAY for His Grace and Mercy! We are blessed to be here no matter what the circumstance. I'm actually grateful for having had the opportunity to experience my illness as it has made me a stronger, better, more loving and grateful man that I ever could have become without it!

Here's to life and the opportunity we have to live it!

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